Thursday, 31 May 2012

Bit obsessed with my Levi cut offs

Day two of the Levi ... tbh YOLO - they go with everything. However I made the mistake of buying them a size too big and and therefore look/feel like I'm wearing a nappy :( so will have to buy another pair which is annoying because I hate shopping....LOL JK. 

On the up side, they are such a summer staple and you can purchase them virtually EVERYWHARRRR. For example, nearly ALL vintage shops (I think a vintage shop without Levi's mays aswell call it a day), eBay, car boot sales etc etc. And its so easy to DIY by using a pair of massive old jeans. 

Bralet - ASOS
Belt- (as part of a set with a skirt) Beyond Retro
Levi shorts - Vintage, Wardrobe 

Whats your summer staple?! 

Love Lexie x x x 

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Summah summah timeee

So summer is here (fingers crossed this beautiful weather stays!) and so is the need to for a new wardrobe (you can't expect a girl to wear the same thing twice!!!).

Despite promising myself to try and avoid pastels (don't think my skin tone goes with them) I have fallen into the trap set up by the collections of designers such as Mulberry SS12, Louis Vuitton SS12 and Meadham Kirchoff SS12 and had to stop myself from purchasing BABY PINK VANS the other day! Get some self respect Lexie, you can't walk around like that!

Anyway here is what the damage looks like...1....2....3... GO:

Top: Underwear as outerwear,- floral body- Topshop
Necklace: Pink pendant- Miss Selfridge 
Shorts- Levis vintage 
Socks- Primark 
Belt- Primark 
Shoes- Converse 


Topshop have some hot and dangerous pieces of jewellery in at the moment but NEWSFLASH we're not all made of money and the really nice stuff can be quite pricey, especially for a lowly student like me, even with student discount :(.  I was surprised to be able to snap the below pieces up for a lot cheaper than the RRP on eBay.

Although eBay can be criticised for being a bit time consuming I think if you've really fallen in love with a piece of clothing its worth spending a bit more time searching for it on eBay.  Its also such a great way to make a bit of extra money by selling unwanted items from your own wardrobe.

Hope you are all enjoying the sunshine and looking a beautiful shade of gold! 

Maverick Sabre- Let Me Go...sounds beaut in the sun!

Love Lexie x x x 

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Monday, 14 May 2012


I've been such a bad blogger recently. University work has been sooooo long and have had exams! Spent the weekend in Barcelona at the Pronovias Buying Weekend. 

Pronovias is a wedding dress company based in Spain. I know most of you reading this probably don't have plans to get married ANYTIME soon. But you should check out their website... because their dresses are amazingly HOT AND DANGEROUS. 

Obviously this makes me sound like an epic wedding freak...don't worry, I'm not one of the 'I used to draw my dream wedding dress when I was five girls,' although I have grown up surrounded by the Bridal industry. My Mum owns a small bridal boutique in Oxford, The Bridal Box which you can find here: 

Hence me going to this Bridal exhibition in Spain. 

Friday was amazing, there was a champagne and cocktail reception before we were ushered into the fashion show room. The catwalk show itself was held in a museum in Barcelona, the view of which overlooked the entire city! 

Some of the show can be seen in the video above.
After the fashion show (where there was some MAJE models like Karolina Kurkova (casual Victoria Secrets model) we had an epic three course meal.

Saturday morning was an early start. We got driven to the exhibition hall where there were around 170 Pronovias gowns,  15 Manuel Mota (who designs for them) and 15 Elle Saab dresses. After walking around looking at them and taking a crazy amount of photos my Mum finally decided on which dresses she wanted to buy. Here are some of my favourites from the collection:

Manuel Mota designs: 


The catwalk show was mainly the Manuel Mota collection. Which ones is your favourite?

Which is your favourite?

Doing another post with just photos now!

Love Lexie x x x