Thursday, 30 August 2012

Notting Hill Carnival Bitchessss

Last Friday I finished my internship so what better way to celebrate then get back to London for the Notting hill Carnival. I went with my Oxford gal pals and had an amazeballs time!

First things first, this is what I wore….

Black Maxi Dress - Love at Topshop - 
Converse -
Denim Jacket - Topshop - 
-  Zebra belt - River Island - 

We all went to the carnival for my friends 21st and she wanted us to dress in 1960s hippie style for the day. I don't think I really adhered to the spec but YOLO. The amount of Levi cut offs we saw was crayy, even though I proudly own a pair and rave about them on this all the time, its no fun when everyone else is wearing the same thing as you and I'm getting pretty bored of seeing arse cheek from shorts everywhere I look. 

My gal pals <3

I was gutted because we actually missed the floats…I think we must of gotten distracted in a pub or something…. Eek. Anyway...after a few hours in the pub we wandered around and found a music stage and got on it.

We were mega lucky with the weather, it was boiling all day! I really wishes I'd have gone back on the Monday, deffo making it into an annual thing.  Did any of you go to carnival?

In other news I mentioned I have finished my internship and am now a free laaddddy of leisuuuuree! LOL JK, Im working to get some dollar bills before unayyy. I'm going to do a post about my internship when in the next few days so keep your eyes peeled and watch this space!

Next week I go on holiday so I'm going to make an extra effort to blog errryday before wednesday! :) I love love love hearing feedback so please don't be afraid to lemme know what ya think! 

Lots of Love Lexie x x x

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Sunday, 5 August 2012


Hey y'all

My obsession this week (seems I'm very fickle) has been ACCESORIES. 

Recently I've made some good lil investments vis a vis accessories.

Firstly my beige studded bag which is ...wait for it... from PRIMARK. I've had tonnes of compliments on it which is always lovely to have. I've become a bit in love with studs (studded jacket, studded phone case now studded bag...! you get the picture) The search for a studded bag has been a long one but Ive finally found it! YAY!

Scarfs are another recent obsession. They make the most mundane outfits look This is a rubbish copy of an Alexander McQueen classic...from, you guessed it, Primark. 

My new bestest ring! Chunky rings are the way forward fo sho! I can't really get away with thinner bands because they don't make my hands look very feminine so opting for the chunkier rings tends to suit me better. This beaut was from Topshop. 

The earrings caught my eye straight away and my motto is : if you see and and love it straight away then its a sign to buy it! Any excuse! Again a cheeky little sale number from Toppers. Although they have made my ear go a bit strange because WOW at my life I'm allergic to EVERYTHING. They are also the heaviest thing on earth and remind me of an illuminati sign #obsessedwiththeilluminati. has some really beautiful rings that you can personalise with a message / saying.

Not on the high street

Also... have been pretty obsessed with 'Carrie' necklaces for a while...

Carrie Necklaces

But with my name...duh.

What jewellery/accessorises have you had your eye on lately? Id love to see your favs!

Love Lexie x x x  

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Karl VS Pippa...who you backing?

Hey y'all

Karl Lagerfeld loves making an awkward comment doesn't he! Last week the infamous Channel designer commented on Pippa Middleton saying he doesn't 'like her face' and that she should only 'show her face.' As if that wasn't enough he added insult to injury by gushing about how hot and dangerous Kate Middleton is (which she is!) "I like romantic beauties, Kate has a good silhouette." 

In fairness I do think Kate is hotter than Pippa, and I know many people would disagree with me but I don't get the big deal with Pipz.

We all know that Karl is a massive deal in the world of fashion but I don't think that gives him the right to say things like that! Its never nice getting negative comments is it! I thought it was awful when he called Adele fat. It just goes the show that Fashion is a very shallow and fickle business. 

Even so, I can't wait to see what Pippa will say back... bitch fight anyone?! Also has anyone seen Karl's kitty cat? ITS SO CUTE and casually has its own private jet AND two personal maids...some cats get all the luck.

Love Lexie x x x 

PS Karl you used to look like this...dont forget, the internet will always come back to haunt you! 

Friday, 3 August 2012

The Elephant (Wo)Man

Hey y'all...

Oh my goodness what a week! I feel like this week has been the longest in existence and crazy busy. So here are the big bits of goss from my week:

  • At the start of the week/end of last week (I'm not 100% sure!) it was revealed that Kristin Stewart cheated on THE LOVE OF MY LIFE Robert Pattinson. #awkward. Anyways so Liberty Ross (the wife of the director that K.S was getting on it with) is the hot and dangerous poster girl of Damaris and Mimi Holliday (the company I'm working for!). Check it:

This pictures are part of the A/W Mimi campaign....JUST WAIT TILL YOU SEE THE DAMARIS ONES! #hotanddangerous

You can find the new collection here...when it launches soon! I, of course, shall keep you updated but watch this space. 

Anyways why would you a) cheat on hottie mchotinson R.P or b) Liberty Ross. I mean LOOK AT HER she has had three children!!! THAT A GAL. 

  • One of my very good friends, Esther, is interning for a magazine in London and on friday we went to a swanky part-ay for the launch of some Absinthe. Needless to say this meant endless FREE cocktails laced with Absinthe. There were also some Made in Chelsea peeps schweffing about. 
I was wearing a VERY low cut top and was having total bra carnage, but I was very lucky that work let me borrow one of their AMAZING v-plunge bras: 

The one I wore was in black and part of the Tutti Frutti range. It was so kind to have one on loan. Deffo sorted out my outfit problems. Here is what I wore: 

- Top/Body - Miss Selfridge -
- Belt - Topshop - 
 - Skirt -  Warehouse -
- Shoes - Topshop 
Me and Esther, who I've been living with in the big smoke for the last week! :)

  • Next Summer I will be a graduate. VOM. Its disgusting how quickly time goes! Uni is literally flying by! To celebrate hopefully I shall be going to IBIZAAAAAAA with ma gal palz from home! Literally soooooo excited! 

I'm feeling and am in desperate need of a tan. Everything is better with a tan. I need to get that on a tea towel or something ha ha ha. 

  • I can't wait to get back to uni in September and start living with two of my besties Kitty Jess and Shauna. I discovered this pretty cool website this week, where you can get really cutie bit and pieces for your house. I can't wait to decorate our little love pad! Some of my favourite bits:

And of course....a portrait of Jess.

  • I've not been into work for the past two days. This is because I ate a stupid nut in some muesli on  Thursday and quickly started to look like the elephant man. Covered in hives....soooooo attractive. HOW YA DOIN THAT???! Not the glamorous lifestyle I am trying to lead. LOL JK. It was pretty grim, casually staggering to the bus stop at Marble Arch because the allergy had made me go partly blind. (Nope, that doesn't make sense to be either.) People must of thought I was a total drunk. Was getting such Yadni* looks. Not ideal. Think I might be allergic to nuts?!
*Yadni - the Serbian word for 'feeling sorry for someone.' Technically I was a yadna but yadni sounds better. Its the feeling you get when its painful to look at someone because you feel so sorry for them.

Has anything exciting happened to you this week? Also I'm pretty bored of my hair atm and need to do something (maybe something drastic) to it. Let me know if you have any ideas!! Have a fantabulous weekend!!! 

Love Lexie x x x