Saturday, 4 August 2012

Karl VS Pippa...who you backing?

Hey y'all

Karl Lagerfeld loves making an awkward comment doesn't he! Last week the infamous Channel designer commented on Pippa Middleton saying he doesn't 'like her face' and that she should only 'show her face.' As if that wasn't enough he added insult to injury by gushing about how hot and dangerous Kate Middleton is (which she is!) "I like romantic beauties, Kate has a good silhouette." 

In fairness I do think Kate is hotter than Pippa, and I know many people would disagree with me but I don't get the big deal with Pipz.

We all know that Karl is a massive deal in the world of fashion but I don't think that gives him the right to say things like that! Its never nice getting negative comments is it! I thought it was awful when he called Adele fat. It just goes the show that Fashion is a very shallow and fickle business. 

Even so, I can't wait to see what Pippa will say back... bitch fight anyone?! Also has anyone seen Karl's kitty cat? ITS SO CUTE and casually has its own private jet AND two personal maids...some cats get all the luck.

Love Lexie x x x 

PS Karl you used to look like this...dont forget, the internet will always come back to haunt you! 


  1. Haha I disagree. These people ie Adele choose to go into this harsh industry so they should be prepared to have their every move sated by the media! Karl is welcome to his opinion and she IS overweight It's a fact. Not saying thats a bad thing but Sozz. Love a bit of controversy haha like yaaaa xxxxxx

  2. Ps Karl looks SO bad in that photo haha

  3. TBH i do think Pippa is a bit of a dog ... you win some you lose some. xxxx