Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Undercover Glamour- Stick On Bra

Anyone who knows me or any of you that read my blog know that I have a HUGE obsession with lingerie and a few weeks ago I got sent some stick on bras from company Undercover Glamour, who produce a number of girly items to make us all look amazing on a night out, and obviously I was very excited to try out the bras!!

We've (well the girls) have all been there....we find an amazing show stopping top or dress. One problem: its backless. Instantly this decreases the bras you can wear with the outfit. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing bad about having your bra show, esp if its a fun neon number or whatever. But I think its hot and dangerous is all you can see is your skin. I guess you could always go bra-less but I'm not brave enough for that! Also its not very practical if you are lucky enough to have big boobs! 

This is where Undercover Glamour comes in and saves the day for girls everywhere. I got sent The Fabric Party Stick on Bra which is adhesive and joins at the middle to give you a bit of a boost. I wore it this weekend on a night out with a backless top I got from ASOS (pictured below) it was really comfortable and stayed in place! (Unlike other stick on bras I've tried before!!)

Similar to the fabric bra except that the silicone bra has added 'chicken fillets' for a bit more of a boost and I found that the silicone caused friction with the fabric of my dress, making sure it didn't slip around or move out of place!

As you can see the bra isn't visible at all and it gives a great shape, looks like your not wearing a bra without being flat as a pancake. 

Backless top.

These bras are a life saver for the backless dress situation, they retail at £12.99 for the fabric stick on bra and £14.99 for the silicone stick on bra- I think every girl should have one.

Forget diamonds, stick on bras are literally a girls best friend. 

Love Lexie x x x 

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Something good can work...

I'm being really pretentious and calling all my blog posts after lyrics until I run out of lyrics.....OH DEAR.

Uni is officially in full swing and I'm doing everything humanly possible to avoid doing a) my dissertation and b) any work at all. FML. On the up side procrastination and avoiding sorting my life out has never been easier as I'm living with my gal pals Shauna and Jess. (Yes we are all saddos with blogs.) We have the best little flat in the world minus the fact that there is a CRAY-TURE living above us. Every time we breathe she bangs down on the floor and ruins our lives. WAHHHHHH. Take yourself elsewhere....peasant. #evictionproblems 

Over the road from us is a massive park (good for outfit posts ha ha ha) so I guess you can't have it all but at least we have a nice picnic-ing (is that a word?) spot. OH LOL JK, the weather is not hot and dangerous atm (or ever.)

On a "casual" stroll around the park (wearing heels of course) I wore this: 

- Denim Shirt - Topshop - 
- Blue Gem Collar Tips - Charity Shop - 
- Leather Skirt - Primarni - 
- Ruffle socks - Topshop - 
- Leopard Print Boots - River Island - 

So you'll be getting a lot more outfit posts from picturesque locations such as the above. (Or the car park outside our flat if I can't be bothered. ha ha ha)

Love Lexie x x x 

PS If you're bored you can check out my Tumblr theres lots of pretty photos on their...init 

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

One Day Baby We'll Be Old ...

Yesterday was my birthday, I'm officially old and according to my friends 'past my peak'...thank youuuu thats nice isn't it! Gotta start being sensible.....NEVER.... I shall be growing old disgracefully. 

On friday my friends from home came up for my buffday party! 

I wore a leathery dress from Primark which had jersey panels in the side. In hindsight it looks a bit PVC-ish but I'm trying to hold onto my youth here so give me a break! 

Birthday princess fun

Me and my sissy

Me and Jess

Housemateyyyys <3

Being a third year student is very scary and so I've found a new way to distract my self from all the scary work I should be doing: Tumblr. I could sit going through the photos for hours and hours which is not okay but whatever. Here are some of my fave images that I have found: 

More photos to come...you can see all my faves on my tumblr which can be found by pressing the pink T button at the top left! 

Love Lexie x x x 

Monday, 8 October 2012

The Coat-Drobe

During my time at Company mag I saw lots of coats and jackets that I need in and around my life. Unfortunately, being a student means that I can't afford to be flinging money about on coats and keeping warm in the winter. Yep, thanks life, I always wanted pneumonia. WAHHHH.

TBA - £305.00 



If i was a zillionaire I would be all over all of these coats like a rash...why is life so unfair????!??!?!

Love Lexie x x x