Sunday, 21 October 2012

Something good can work...

I'm being really pretentious and calling all my blog posts after lyrics until I run out of lyrics.....OH DEAR.

Uni is officially in full swing and I'm doing everything humanly possible to avoid doing a) my dissertation and b) any work at all. FML. On the up side procrastination and avoiding sorting my life out has never been easier as I'm living with my gal pals Shauna and Jess. (Yes we are all saddos with blogs.) We have the best little flat in the world minus the fact that there is a CRAY-TURE living above us. Every time we breathe she bangs down on the floor and ruins our lives. WAHHHHHH. Take yourself elsewhere....peasant. #evictionproblems 

Over the road from us is a massive park (good for outfit posts ha ha ha) so I guess you can't have it all but at least we have a nice picnic-ing (is that a word?) spot. OH LOL JK, the weather is not hot and dangerous atm (or ever.)

On a "casual" stroll around the park (wearing heels of course) I wore this: 

- Denim Shirt - Topshop - 
- Blue Gem Collar Tips - Charity Shop - 
- Leather Skirt - Primarni - 
- Ruffle socks - Topshop - 
- Leopard Print Boots - River Island - 

So you'll be getting a lot more outfit posts from picturesque locations such as the above. (Or the car park outside our flat if I can't be bothered. ha ha ha)

Love Lexie x x x 

PS If you're bored you can check out my Tumblr theres lots of pretty photos on their...init 

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