Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Today I'm wearing...

Today Im wearing: 

The read jeans are my new staple piece and are so easy to wear with ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING. But I don't want to over do wearing them so better start thinking out of the 'red jeans box.'  

Its annoying though as the whole world and his dog have red jeans :( ... Whats your staple piece? 

In other news: I bought some underwear in the www.damaris.com sale...EEEK: 

Can't wait for it to arrive, I also bought a leopard print set from Ann Summers. Both of these sets WERE in the sale so ya know....and also... they are INVESTMENTS, not just unjustifiable spending. (#keeptellingyourselfthatlex) I'm feeling quite ill at the moment and so I needed a bit of lingerie related cheering up! 

I want to make my blog a bit more interesting and have a few ideas for what to do but if anyone has any other ideas let me know in the comments box/facebook/twitter! 

Im @LexieVee on Twitter 

Lots of Love x x x 

Monday, 30 January 2012

Style Crush 2012

Its universally known that the link between music and fashion is basically as old as time (slight exaggeration...). From The Sex Pistols and Vivienne Westwood to Madonna and her outrageous stage outfits, such as the iconic cone bra corset designed by Jean Paul Gaultier, which sparked controversy at the time. Music and Fashion are great partners in crime. 

In recent times artists such as Lady Gaga have been seen as Fashion Icons, taking the crown in the style stakes with quirky outfits and an individual take on Fashion and Style. Gaga was also the muse of the late Alexander McQueen. The two had a great partnership, using their talents to promote each other. For example McQueen designed numerous outfits for Gaga and she in turn provided music for his shows.  

Below is a video of his SS10 show, the concept of aliens and the look works amazingly well with her music. 

As a teenager (OH MY GOD that makes me feel sooooooo old) I was guilty of thinking I was Avril Lavigne's double. She gave teenage girls all over the world the 'skater girl look.' Im thinking wide leg flares, hoodies and a bad attitude. 

Right, so to get to my original point, my current style fashion/music crush is the stunning and ridiculously talented LANA DEL REY. I have liked her for ages, but it was only when her album leaked recently that I my obsession started. I mean spending hours on youtube checking out make up tutorials for 'Get Lana's look' ISN'T normal!!! 

This is the best one I found on youtube from you tube make up tutorialist (is that a word?!) Tara Burr. 

Not only is she a natural beauty but her voice is so unusual and resonant.  Check out 'Born to Die' its m personal fave song from her album (which isn't actually out till tomorrow)

She is just effortlessly cool, I love her hair, its very old hollywood glamour:

Who is your style crush and why? What do you think of Lana Del Rey?! 

Lots of Love Lexie x x x 

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Sunday blues...

Its that Sunday feeling, where you know that its Monday tomorrow and another five days until the weekend!! (I can't complain though tbh as my timetable this year is only Tuesdays 10-5 and Thursdays 9-6- SUCH a hard life, this means too much shopping and not enough saving!) I'm wearing: 

  • Jumper = £12, Primark
  • Orange Chiffion Shirt = £5, Primark 
  • Red jeans: £36 (with student discount, yay) Topshop
  • White leather converse = £45, Office 

I expected the red and orange to clash but I think because the shirt if chiffon it looks better than a opaque fabric, making it less of a clash, plus the beige jumper breaks it up! I wear the converse EVERYWHARRR, I love them! Never used to be a fan but they might have to be surgically removed from my feet soon!!! They are ridiculously comfortable and go well with most things :) 

I don't really know why Ive made an effort to get dressed today because Im not doing anything. I might head to the gym, where I'd look like this:

VOM, but obviously minus the Creepers, which belong to my friend Jess. 

If anyone wants to know where my gym attire is from (which I doubt) then: 

  • T-shirt, Primark
  • Bottoms, Topshop
In other news the extremely talented Novak Djokovic won the Australian Tennis Open today! Ill leave you with this image of the beaut Serb: 

Also, I mentioned last week that I pitched for a management job role in our university Fashion Show and I got Assistant Styling Manager, yay! 

Apologies for the randomness of this post, but its a Sunday!!! 

Have a good week :) 

Love Lexie x x x 

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Inner Animal

Animal prints are EVERYWHARRRR at the moment, this trend peaked in S/S 2011. With designers such as Blumarine and Givenchy basing their entire collections around animal print. 

Blumarine SS11

Givenchy SS11
After looking at the collections again, these two looks are my favourite as I can see them being worn on day to day basis. Blumarine would look cute at a business lunch or lunch with friends while the look from Givenchy has a more night out feel to it. 

Yesterday I bought a leopard print dress and wore it on a night out last night. Its quite bold which is not usually what I go for, I don't usually like all over prints. On the hanger in Primark it looked awful but a friend convinced my to try it on and the rest is history (like my bank balance....eeek!!) Although we ended up going to a club it was quite a casual setting so heels would have been too much, so I wore it with black slipper flats from Topshop. 

The top one is with heels and the bottom one is without! I teamed the £10 dress with a cheeky belt and VOILA!! 

Hope you all had good friday nights! 

Love Lexie x x x 

Friday, 27 January 2012

LBD and Bang Bang shoes...

My new years resolution (amongst others) was to try and wear less black clothing, as my ward/floordrobe is a black abyss it seems. 

(You can't really see but this is: 
  • Stole from H&M 
  • Black body con skirt from Topshop
  • Black chiffon shirt from River Island 
  • Boots from Topshop)

The outfit I wore to a friends birthday meal/drinks on monday night is not really sticking to the rule though. Oh, wait the brown faux fur stole really adds something! 

The thing with black though is that is majorly flattering, you can hide a multitude of sins and still look fabulous. Audrey Hepburn didn't do to bad and she was the originator of the little black dress!

My favourite LBD that I own has to be the gorgeous Topshop thigh split dress that I wore on my 21st:

It was £50.00 (but Ive been told its now in the sale) and it will be my all time favourite item of clothing. I think its something that will never look dated or out of style, however the only issue is, I don't know when else to wear it because its such a show stopper! 

Sorry for the short post, I'm going out in a bit and don't have much time to blog, but will be all over it this weekend!

LBD forever....

Love Lexie x x x 

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

This isn't frivolous spending, these are investments LOL JK

So recently my shopping habit has been slightly out of control. When I have money I seem to buy EVERYTHING, without even questioning it...which is a problem. I mean, student finance england should probably just forward my loan straight to the Arcadia Group. 

Here are a few of my favourite recent purchases. I have been trying to buy 'outfits' that go together instead of just random bits of clothing. This is how I have justified my shopping thus far:

These are blue chiffon drop hem dress, 'LOVE' Topshop, Black Slipper shoes, Topshop, Large spotty tights, Primark, Snake print jeans, Topshop, Horse print high neck dress, Motel, Tie eye fitted maxi dress, New Look, Wedge boots, Topshop, Versace copy print dress, Primark & Jumper, Primark

I haven't put prices on these bad boys as I can't face seeing it in print!!!!

My fave item is the drop hem blue dress, I have wanted this since, like, FOREVER. It was originally £48 from the LOVE label at Topshop, but I felt that was too much to spend! Last week I found it in the Topshop sale in Northampton and that sealed the deal...

Its quite a versatile piece of clothing and is easily dressed up or made more casual for day wear. In the photo I have paired it with my new shoe boots, a belt and spotty tights and a Zara jacket.


Lexie x x x 

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Jean VS Legging

Today I found myself on the high street, shock. I was meant to be 'studying' but unfortunately (or fortunately) the library is on the same road as Topshop so it would be rude not to have a cheeky look (and purchase or ten!) Whilst scanning the shops I made a big move for me....I tried on my first ever pair of leggings. At the moment I have a love for leopard print and so these were the leggings in question: 

These beauts are £20 from Topshop. Although I do LOVE these leggings off they are not okay on! So I opted for a cheeky jeans version, pictured below:

It would have been stupid not to buy these, they were half price, hello £40 reduced to £20, this reaffirms my beliefs in January Sale Dregs!
(I realise these are snakeskin but its all animal print so meh!)

Personally, I am anti-leggings, I mean, they are like glorified tights, no surprise they looked horrific, hence the jeans purchase . Secretly I wish I liked leggings, they are much cheaper than jeans and are slightly more versatile, but they just don't work for me. It annoying because there is such variety in the shops and on the catwalks these days.

Below are a few of my fave prints from the high street:

(Top two, both River Island, £22, 3rd and 5th Miss Selfridge, £20 and 4th Galaxy leggings: $70, www.blackmilkclothing.com)

Where do you buy your leggings from?

Is there a cure for a phobia of leggings?! What would they even call that?!!!!?

Hope you are having a stylish weekend! Outfit posts to follow next week!

Bonne Nuit!

Love Lexie x x x

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Freak like me...

Today I had to pitch to my Fashion lecturer for a job role concerning a Fashion Auction that our course will be putting on in February. I decided to go for Styling as my first choice and Events as my second choice and choose to go for a management position in both. So fingers crossed, I was so nervous and probably chatted absolute rubbish for the whole pitch, but I felt well prepared, having made two mood boards surrounding the theme last night. I'll post photos of them another time, my tutor still has them.

Anyway, the theme we have chosen for the night is 'Freak Like Me,' which is an emerging trend from Asos.com, seen below.

I'm so excited about this theme as it allows us to be quite free with what we want to do with the styling of the clothes, make up and hair. When creating my mood board I got ideas from Meadham Kirchhoff's SS12 collection, which can be seen below.

When the group met last week to discuss the ideas we had, the theme within Freak Like Me that kept coming up was the idea of 'Fetish' I like this idea but if I was lucky enough to land the stylist management role I would want to make sure we didn't take this too far, instead it would be cool to show it through the make up, smokey eyes and black/purple lips being an idea I put across in this mornings pitch. 

I think subtly is the key with sort of make up as it could easily be turned into a gothic look if too much is applied, a problem loads of girls in Northampton (where I go to Uni) seem to have, shovel in the dark syndrome! 

Model Charlotte Free and singer Lady Gaga are key focal muses for me. Lady Gaga embodies the 'Freak like me,' vision while Charlotte Free brings a grungey and quirky vibe to the theme, both of which are relevant to it. 

I love Charlotte Free's hair! It deffo had a place on the mood board. My overall vision for the hair is to have the models having bright hair, like Charlotte's, whether that be the same colour or not. Then for the make up to be quite dark and more on the fetish side or with doll faces bringing a circus-esqe look in, as seen again in Meadham Kirchhoff SS12. I think it would look amazing if the setting was dark and the models came out looking like aliens, or quite scary, tying in again with Fetish. 

(Top: Make up at MK SS12, middle Tom Ford campaign, bottom Fetish trend taken from asos.com) 

I've probably stopped making sense and have started just blurting out ideas all over this post....so sorry! but bare with me I'm nearly done. Just a few more photos to come below. Last term my friend Jess and I took some photos tying in with theme, check them out below. 

Ill keep you updated with the progress of the Auction preparation!! 

Stay Freaky!

Love Lexie x x x 

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

In love with Lingerie

As all my friends will tell you I am totally and utterly addicted to lingerie. There isn't a shopping trip that goes by without me gravitating towards the lingerie section. Online shopping is another problem, with websites such as Damaris.co.uk, Lascivious.co.uk and Laperla.com featuring in the 'favourites' section of my bookmarks.  In addition to this I am hoping to do my placement year with a lingerie company, what can I say, I am a self confessed underwear magpie! 

Currently this is my favourite piece, Creme Fouette,  its from Damaris, my favourite lingerie designers. They design amazing pieces,  some of them very daring and show stopping. Like the ones below:

(Top: Tarte Tatin, middle: Panetonni, bottom: Nonettes) 

Damaris and Mimi Holliday create luxurious lingerie that aim to make women feel confidant and amazing, the way all lingerie should make us gals feel! 

It has always been a strong belief of mine that  its important to always have amazing underwear as well as stunning outerwear. Imagine if one day (I hope this never happens, touch wood) you were involved in an accident and had to be rushed to hospital and operated on, I would not want the Drs to see me wearing any old grey underwear. I know that sounds shallow and I'm not but I think its always imperative to look stunning under your clothes! 

A few years ago when wearing underwear as outerwear became fashionable I was too young to embrace the trend. These days I own a stupid amount of bodies and crop tops that can be worn on a night out.

I made the one above. Topshop were selling something very similar but it was £60 and although I loved it I didn't have the money to buy it. So I got this mesh body from H&M for £12.99 and bought some leather from my local market for £4.00 a metre and cut the disks out (with the help of my reluctant house mates) and sewed them on and VOILA! 

Here is me wearing it before an Ed Sheeran gig in London. Im wearing my stripy jeans too which I LOVE!

Love Lexie x x x