Monday, 30 January 2012

Style Crush 2012

Its universally known that the link between music and fashion is basically as old as time (slight exaggeration...). From The Sex Pistols and Vivienne Westwood to Madonna and her outrageous stage outfits, such as the iconic cone bra corset designed by Jean Paul Gaultier, which sparked controversy at the time. Music and Fashion are great partners in crime. 

In recent times artists such as Lady Gaga have been seen as Fashion Icons, taking the crown in the style stakes with quirky outfits and an individual take on Fashion and Style. Gaga was also the muse of the late Alexander McQueen. The two had a great partnership, using their talents to promote each other. For example McQueen designed numerous outfits for Gaga and she in turn provided music for his shows.  

Below is a video of his SS10 show, the concept of aliens and the look works amazingly well with her music. 

As a teenager (OH MY GOD that makes me feel sooooooo old) I was guilty of thinking I was Avril Lavigne's double. She gave teenage girls all over the world the 'skater girl look.' Im thinking wide leg flares, hoodies and a bad attitude. 

Right, so to get to my original point, my current style fashion/music crush is the stunning and ridiculously talented LANA DEL REY. I have liked her for ages, but it was only when her album leaked recently that I my obsession started. I mean spending hours on youtube checking out make up tutorials for 'Get Lana's look' ISN'T normal!!! 

This is the best one I found on youtube from you tube make up tutorialist (is that a word?!) Tara Burr. 

Not only is she a natural beauty but her voice is so unusual and resonant.  Check out 'Born to Die' its m personal fave song from her album (which isn't actually out till tomorrow)

She is just effortlessly cool, I love her hair, its very old hollywood glamour:

Who is your style crush and why? What do you think of Lana Del Rey?! 

Lots of Love Lexie x x x 


  1. OMG Lex in that first pic she looks soooooo much like Liv Tyler! I actually thought it was Liv Tyler. ha ha ha! She doesn't look anything like LT in the other pictures though. Very pretty. My style crush is Alexa Chung x

  2. hahah now u have mentioned it she does!! I also loveeeeeee Blake Lively....she dresses amazingly and is so pretty! hope ur well l Charis! xxx