Wednesday, 18 January 2012

In love with Lingerie

As all my friends will tell you I am totally and utterly addicted to lingerie. There isn't a shopping trip that goes by without me gravitating towards the lingerie section. Online shopping is another problem, with websites such as, and featuring in the 'favourites' section of my bookmarks.  In addition to this I am hoping to do my placement year with a lingerie company, what can I say, I am a self confessed underwear magpie! 

Currently this is my favourite piece, Creme Fouette,  its from Damaris, my favourite lingerie designers. They design amazing pieces,  some of them very daring and show stopping. Like the ones below:

(Top: Tarte Tatin, middle: Panetonni, bottom: Nonettes) 

Damaris and Mimi Holliday create luxurious lingerie that aim to make women feel confidant and amazing, the way all lingerie should make us gals feel! 

It has always been a strong belief of mine that  its important to always have amazing underwear as well as stunning outerwear. Imagine if one day (I hope this never happens, touch wood) you were involved in an accident and had to be rushed to hospital and operated on, I would not want the Drs to see me wearing any old grey underwear. I know that sounds shallow and I'm not but I think its always imperative to look stunning under your clothes! 

A few years ago when wearing underwear as outerwear became fashionable I was too young to embrace the trend. These days I own a stupid amount of bodies and crop tops that can be worn on a night out.

I made the one above. Topshop were selling something very similar but it was £60 and although I loved it I didn't have the money to buy it. So I got this mesh body from H&M for £12.99 and bought some leather from my local market for £4.00 a metre and cut the disks out (with the help of my reluctant house mates) and sewed them on and VOILA! 

Here is me wearing it before an Ed Sheeran gig in London. Im wearing my stripy jeans too which I LOVE!

Love Lexie x x x 

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