Friday, 27 January 2012

LBD and Bang Bang shoes...

My new years resolution (amongst others) was to try and wear less black clothing, as my ward/floordrobe is a black abyss it seems. 

(You can't really see but this is: 
  • Stole from H&M 
  • Black body con skirt from Topshop
  • Black chiffon shirt from River Island 
  • Boots from Topshop)

The outfit I wore to a friends birthday meal/drinks on monday night is not really sticking to the rule though. Oh, wait the brown faux fur stole really adds something! 

The thing with black though is that is majorly flattering, you can hide a multitude of sins and still look fabulous. Audrey Hepburn didn't do to bad and she was the originator of the little black dress!

My favourite LBD that I own has to be the gorgeous Topshop thigh split dress that I wore on my 21st:

It was £50.00 (but Ive been told its now in the sale) and it will be my all time favourite item of clothing. I think its something that will never look dated or out of style, however the only issue is, I don't know when else to wear it because its such a show stopper! 

Sorry for the short post, I'm going out in a bit and don't have much time to blog, but will be all over it this weekend!

LBD forever....

Love Lexie x x x