Sunday, 23 September 2012

The PinkMothballs Launch Party

Last night was the official launch of an exciting new app from PinkMothballs. The concept of the app is about sharing your wardrobe with your friends. Whats worse than having nothing to wear on a night out. Well I'll tell you, its having to wear the same thing you've already. Or God forbid you see someone wearing the same thing as you!!!!! #highstreetproblems.

I think its a great idea (annoyed I didn't think of it myself! ha ha) It works on a lending system, so you can virtually browse your friends wardrobe from the comfort of wherever you are, without the hassle of having to actually go over to their house or brave the high street! Clever hey!

For more information click here!

The launch was so fun, with free cosmo's (yay), free sweets (yay), free cake (double yay) and goodie bag. (HOORAY). There was also a dress up box with lots of wigs, tiaras and hairbands to play around with and then the photographer would photograph you! This inspired my friend Jess and I to have a dress up box in our new flat! (So watch out if you come over, you WILL be expected to dress up :)) 

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, its a cake! This is entirely made of cake and was so yummy. It took 50 hours to make! Deffo worth it! What do you think?!

Pic n mix. Reminds me of being little! The chocolate sprinkle coins are my fave!

I finally decided on this outfit....but then got to London, brought a new top and necklace and changed into can see it above!! This girls got commitment issues with her clothes!

After all the crazy commuting I've been doing I felt it was only right to reward myself by spending some of my wages (OH SORRY, IM AN INTERN, I DONT HAVE WAGES). So compensation for lack of personal space on tubes, smelly people and grumpy pushy people looks a little bit like this...

Office saved the day yet again! I've been wanting a pair of leopard print hairy boots forever. It was love at first sight.

Thank you Urban Outfitters, 3rd year is looking a lot more promising! 

Have you made any good purchases lately? What do you think of the PINKMOTHBALLS app? You should defs download it, its so great for outfit inspiration! Let me know!

Love Lexie x x x 

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Cute collars: an easy way to the perfect look

As usual I am late getting to like and jump on the trend of the moment bandwagon. This time its with Collars. I spent the whole of friday at work sorting through lots and lots of jewellery and sending it back to the PR companies and brands it belongs to. This may sound a bit tedious and boring but it was actually quite useful shifting through all the bits and bobs, making a mental list of pieces I need to buy. Needless to say the list is, of course, endless!

Anyway, to get back on topic, collars. There are about a million trillion in the fashion cupboard at work and after cheekily trying on a few I think I have a new obsession. (Don't worry, lingerie is still my numero uno!) Baring in mind I used to think collars weren't hot and dangerous. 

A few of my favourites can be seen below:

This beaut is from ASOS. Sometimes pearls can be a bit stuffy but although this collar is pretty hardcore on the old pearls its still really lovely. I think it would take a daytime outfit to an evening outfit in one swift movement. If you're gonna do a collar you may as well go hard or go home! 
ASOS: WAS £20.00 NOW £16.00 (I'm basically doing free advertising HINT HINT ASOS) ha ha 

During my weekly perv on Zara clothing I saw this beast of a necklace/collar. It would sit perfectly with a plain shirt or as a statement piece on its own with a necklace. I'm head over heels in love with it but in two minds whether to buy it seeing as I am supposed to be a 'poor student.' Well there is actually no supposing about it, I AM a poor student! Its £22.99. Wahh. Bring on the day when I can cash my first pay check. LOL JK I love being a student too much. FREEMONEY  (I didn't just say that!) 

I couldn't resist showing you these adorable collar tips from a wesbsite called Sour Cherry which does really cutesy quirky jewellery. How sweet are these?! And a total bargain at only £6.95! 

Have you seen any collars you like? Throw them my way!!! 

Love Lexie x x x 

Friday, 21 September 2012

Winter WishList

After watching some of the amazing shows from London Fashion Week this past week I've been inspired to compile a wish list. 

I was walking past the Antropologie store in Regents St yesterday and saw this amazing statement necklace in the shop window. Had to have it, till I found out its £275.00. Bye bye dreams.

£38.00 Antropologie

Zara sheepskin coat - £129.99

 ASOS- Maxi Slit Dress - £25.00

I'm a sucker for a black maxi dress and anything with a bit of a slit....VOILA. I think it would work well for the evening or during the day with a pair of converse and this...

ASOS - £55

So yeah if anyone is feeling generous please feel free to send me some of the above goodies and I will love you forever! 

Have you guys got your eyes on anything hot and dangerous????

Im going to the Pinkmothballs app launch tomorrow evening with my friend Jess which will be fun! I'll blog about it on sunday! 

Have lovely weekends!!!

Love Lexie x x x 

PS Have you seen my new buttons on the top right of my page! Click away! 

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Fashion Cupboard Life

This week was the start of interning at Company magazine! YAYYY! Its loads of fun but really really busayyy, and everyone in the office always look really well dressed so gotta look extra hot and dangerous everyday which can be a challenge when running around London picking up samples and blah blah blah.

I'm living in the Fashion cupboard atm which means lusting after loads of coats, shirts, skirts, bags and jewellery that I cannot afford. WAHHHH. Looks like the student loan shall be getting a big seeing to. Poor bank account.

Recently I embraced the fat hugging, shiny, unflattering world of the DISCO PANT, which can be seen below. I got mine from River Island and they actually look okay in comparison to the hideous mess that was me trying on American Apparel, even though they are amazing they did not do me any favours at all. 

The shirt was a freebie from work as there was a bunch of things on its way to Oxfam so we were allowed to have a rummage and take anything we liked. I love freebies, so obviously was all over it like a rash! The jacket makes me look 'office-y and professional' ha ha ha and it from Miss Selfridge. 

My new fave item of the moment is my 'amaze balls' bracelet. I bought from Toppers for a measly £1 so I also got one each for my two new roomies so we can all be freaks together. YAY

Today at work I was on a shoot called 'Street Girl,' which features in every edition, casually modelling some clothes whilst walking up and down the streets of Lahndahn. I got to wear theeee most amazing Kurt Geiger heels and lots of beautiful Zara items. Pictures will be in the Jan 2013 edition of Company which is a bit cringe but meh. 

In other news what was Harry Styles doing on the front row at Burberry this week? You're in a boy band babe, not a male model! Having said this I think he has the perfect baby face for modelling and I reckon Burbs will snap him this space. 


On Saturday I'm going to the PinkMothballs launch party and am sooooo excited!!! That million dollar question has reared its ugly head again though: WHAT TO WEAR? Are any of you going?

Love Lexie x x x 

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Posh pants and naughty knickers...

Any of you that no me, personally, or even through this blog will know what I have a obsession with lingerie. Most of my fwends think its ridic because no one can really see your underwear like they can see your clothes, but that’s half the fun. To feel confidant, hot and dangerous its important that everything you wear flatters you and makes you feel 100% confidant, and obv I believe what lies beneath your clothes gives you that initial boost. So what if you’re the only one who sees it?!  And if someone else gets a peak, everyones a winner! Ha ha

'The Basket Knicker'... without a doubt the most beautiful pants in the world... 

Anyway, to get back on topic…. I interned at Damaris for the past 2 months. I met some really great people and got to rush around London taking lingerie samples to places feeling quite important. As part of the internship I worked at Selfridges on the Mimi Holliday section in lingerie. Needless to say I was in my element, surrounded my posh pants! Selfridges was pretty amazing to work in, everyone is sooo sooo polished there and they really love love love amazing customer service. I learnt quite a lot about the store, I didn’t even know they held events in the store and had live models and shows parading around Selfridges to promote special causes they are supporting or current events they are backing. My fave part of Selfridges are the window displays (they have a team of trained window dresses…probs one of the best jobs ever). Over the years there’s been quite a lot of controversy about some of the displays. 

The theme of one set of windows was VEGAS, so naturally they put in boobs, I think they got fined for this. During training we got told that the fines are so small sometimes they just put the controversial stuff in for the fun of it, which I really like.

Some cheeky bits and pieces I got given throughout my internship: 

The mod in the underwear is one of the companies faves and she's done quite a few of their campaigns. She's very hot and dangerous. 

The new collection of amazingness can be found here! Check out the body suits....THEY'RE INCREDIBLE.

Tell me what you think, whats your fave set?

Love Lexie x x x 

Monday, 3 September 2012

The September Issue

For me, I always know the summer (what summer?!) is drawing to an end when the St Giles fair comes to Oxford for the first three days of September. Its a bit weird because I still have so much to fit in before going back to unayyy. 

Next week I'm going to Lanza-grotty with my family, literally CANNOT wait to be horizontal for a week. In the sun. With cocktails. If you follow me on instagram (LEXIEVEEE) then you will see that I've been casually chowing down on dominoes, cakes, frappacinos blah blah blah etc. Clearly have no respect for the fact I shall be living in a bikini next week. My body is most definitely NOT a temple right now. 

Hopefully after my holiday I will be starting a new internship (fingers crossed :)) for two weeks then back to the bright lights big city that is Northampton. Cough Cough! 

With my beaut friend Kate!

This is what I wore to the fair, not very practical and I'm annoyed you can't see my necklace properly (a causal steal at £3!) as its tucked into my t-shirt! Grr.

In other exciting news my friend Jess has invited me to a launch party in September for a new mobile app by PinkMothballs which sounds amazeballs. We are both panicking about what to wear of course! More information about Pink Mothballs can't be found here. Very exciting! What would you wear???!

Lots of Love Lexie x x x 

PS Check out the new buttons on my blog...they are new! More new stuff appearing soon! :)