Saturday, 22 September 2012

Cute collars: an easy way to the perfect look

As usual I am late getting to like and jump on the trend of the moment bandwagon. This time its with Collars. I spent the whole of friday at work sorting through lots and lots of jewellery and sending it back to the PR companies and brands it belongs to. This may sound a bit tedious and boring but it was actually quite useful shifting through all the bits and bobs, making a mental list of pieces I need to buy. Needless to say the list is, of course, endless!

Anyway, to get back on topic, collars. There are about a million trillion in the fashion cupboard at work and after cheekily trying on a few I think I have a new obsession. (Don't worry, lingerie is still my numero uno!) Baring in mind I used to think collars weren't hot and dangerous. 

A few of my favourites can be seen below:

This beaut is from ASOS. Sometimes pearls can be a bit stuffy but although this collar is pretty hardcore on the old pearls its still really lovely. I think it would take a daytime outfit to an evening outfit in one swift movement. If you're gonna do a collar you may as well go hard or go home! 
ASOS: WAS £20.00 NOW £16.00 (I'm basically doing free advertising HINT HINT ASOS) ha ha 

During my weekly perv on Zara clothing I saw this beast of a necklace/collar. It would sit perfectly with a plain shirt or as a statement piece on its own with a necklace. I'm head over heels in love with it but in two minds whether to buy it seeing as I am supposed to be a 'poor student.' Well there is actually no supposing about it, I AM a poor student! Its £22.99. Wahh. Bring on the day when I can cash my first pay check. LOL JK I love being a student too much. FREEMONEY  (I didn't just say that!) 

I couldn't resist showing you these adorable collar tips from a wesbsite called Sour Cherry which does really cutesy quirky jewellery. How sweet are these?! And a total bargain at only £6.95! 

Have you seen any collars you like? Throw them my way!!! 

Love Lexie x x x 

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