Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Posh pants and naughty knickers...

Any of you that no me, personally, or even through this blog will know what I have a obsession with lingerie. Most of my fwends think its ridic because no one can really see your underwear like they can see your clothes, but that’s half the fun. To feel confidant, hot and dangerous its important that everything you wear flatters you and makes you feel 100% confidant, and obv I believe what lies beneath your clothes gives you that initial boost. So what if you’re the only one who sees it?!  And if someone else gets a peak, everyones a winner! Ha ha

'The Basket Knicker'... without a doubt the most beautiful pants in the world... 

Anyway, to get back on topic…. I interned at Damaris for the past 2 months. I met some really great people and got to rush around London taking lingerie samples to places feeling quite important. As part of the internship I worked at Selfridges on the Mimi Holliday section in lingerie. Needless to say I was in my element, surrounded my posh pants! Selfridges was pretty amazing to work in, everyone is sooo sooo polished there and they really love love love amazing customer service. I learnt quite a lot about the store, I didn’t even know they held events in the store and had live models and shows parading around Selfridges to promote special causes they are supporting or current events they are backing. My fave part of Selfridges are the window displays (they have a team of trained window dresses…probs one of the best jobs ever). Over the years there’s been quite a lot of controversy about some of the displays. 

The theme of one set of windows was VEGAS, so naturally they put in boobs, I think they got fined for this. During training we got told that the fines are so small sometimes they just put the controversial stuff in for the fun of it, which I really like.

Some cheeky bits and pieces I got given throughout my internship: 

The mod in the underwear is one of the companies faves and she's done quite a few of their campaigns. She's very hot and dangerous. 

The new collection of amazingness can be found here! Check out the body suits....THEY'RE INCREDIBLE.

Tell me what you think, whats your fave set?

Love Lexie x x x 

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