Sunday, 23 September 2012

The PinkMothballs Launch Party

Last night was the official launch of an exciting new app from PinkMothballs. The concept of the app is about sharing your wardrobe with your friends. Whats worse than having nothing to wear on a night out. Well I'll tell you, its having to wear the same thing you've already. Or God forbid you see someone wearing the same thing as you!!!!! #highstreetproblems.

I think its a great idea (annoyed I didn't think of it myself! ha ha) It works on a lending system, so you can virtually browse your friends wardrobe from the comfort of wherever you are, without the hassle of having to actually go over to their house or brave the high street! Clever hey!

For more information click here!

The launch was so fun, with free cosmo's (yay), free sweets (yay), free cake (double yay) and goodie bag. (HOORAY). There was also a dress up box with lots of wigs, tiaras and hairbands to play around with and then the photographer would photograph you! This inspired my friend Jess and I to have a dress up box in our new flat! (So watch out if you come over, you WILL be expected to dress up :)) 

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, its a cake! This is entirely made of cake and was so yummy. It took 50 hours to make! Deffo worth it! What do you think?!

Pic n mix. Reminds me of being little! The chocolate sprinkle coins are my fave!

I finally decided on this outfit....but then got to London, brought a new top and necklace and changed into can see it above!! This girls got commitment issues with her clothes!

After all the crazy commuting I've been doing I felt it was only right to reward myself by spending some of my wages (OH SORRY, IM AN INTERN, I DONT HAVE WAGES). So compensation for lack of personal space on tubes, smelly people and grumpy pushy people looks a little bit like this...

Office saved the day yet again! I've been wanting a pair of leopard print hairy boots forever. It was love at first sight.

Thank you Urban Outfitters, 3rd year is looking a lot more promising! 

Have you made any good purchases lately? What do you think of the PINKMOTHBALLS app? You should defs download it, its so great for outfit inspiration! Let me know!

Love Lexie x x x 


  1. Aww, you two look so cute. Great post sweetie.


  2. aww danke! it was such a fun night! xx

  3. nice photos ! stunning outfit! Love ur blog! u got urself a new follower xx

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  4. ah I love your outfit, where's your necklace/skirt from? Glad you had a good night, it's such a great concept! xx

    1. heyy aww thank you!! the necklace is primark and the skirt is h & m :) xxx