Monday, 3 September 2012

The September Issue

For me, I always know the summer (what summer?!) is drawing to an end when the St Giles fair comes to Oxford for the first three days of September. Its a bit weird because I still have so much to fit in before going back to unayyy. 

Next week I'm going to Lanza-grotty with my family, literally CANNOT wait to be horizontal for a week. In the sun. With cocktails. If you follow me on instagram (LEXIEVEEE) then you will see that I've been casually chowing down on dominoes, cakes, frappacinos blah blah blah etc. Clearly have no respect for the fact I shall be living in a bikini next week. My body is most definitely NOT a temple right now. 

Hopefully after my holiday I will be starting a new internship (fingers crossed :)) for two weeks then back to the bright lights big city that is Northampton. Cough Cough! 

With my beaut friend Kate!

This is what I wore to the fair, not very practical and I'm annoyed you can't see my necklace properly (a causal steal at £3!) as its tucked into my t-shirt! Grr.

In other exciting news my friend Jess has invited me to a launch party in September for a new mobile app by PinkMothballs which sounds amazeballs. We are both panicking about what to wear of course! More information about Pink Mothballs can't be found here. Very exciting! What would you wear???!

Lots of Love Lexie x x x 

PS Check out the new buttons on my blog...they are new! More new stuff appearing soon! :) 

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