Thursday, 20 September 2012

Fashion Cupboard Life

This week was the start of interning at Company magazine! YAYYY! Its loads of fun but really really busayyy, and everyone in the office always look really well dressed so gotta look extra hot and dangerous everyday which can be a challenge when running around London picking up samples and blah blah blah.

I'm living in the Fashion cupboard atm which means lusting after loads of coats, shirts, skirts, bags and jewellery that I cannot afford. WAHHHH. Looks like the student loan shall be getting a big seeing to. Poor bank account.

Recently I embraced the fat hugging, shiny, unflattering world of the DISCO PANT, which can be seen below. I got mine from River Island and they actually look okay in comparison to the hideous mess that was me trying on American Apparel, even though they are amazing they did not do me any favours at all. 

The shirt was a freebie from work as there was a bunch of things on its way to Oxfam so we were allowed to have a rummage and take anything we liked. I love freebies, so obviously was all over it like a rash! The jacket makes me look 'office-y and professional' ha ha ha and it from Miss Selfridge. 

My new fave item of the moment is my 'amaze balls' bracelet. I bought from Toppers for a measly £1 so I also got one each for my two new roomies so we can all be freaks together. YAY

Today at work I was on a shoot called 'Street Girl,' which features in every edition, casually modelling some clothes whilst walking up and down the streets of Lahndahn. I got to wear theeee most amazing Kurt Geiger heels and lots of beautiful Zara items. Pictures will be in the Jan 2013 edition of Company which is a bit cringe but meh. 

In other news what was Harry Styles doing on the front row at Burberry this week? You're in a boy band babe, not a male model! Having said this I think he has the perfect baby face for modelling and I reckon Burbs will snap him this space. 


On Saturday I'm going to the PinkMothballs launch party and am sooooo excited!!! That million dollar question has reared its ugly head again though: WHAT TO WEAR? Are any of you going?

Love Lexie x x x