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Freak Like Me: The Clothes

Currently having a meltdown over university work so am distracting myself with blogspot! 

I've shown you the make up and hair from the Fashion Show I did alongside my course at University so now here is a look at the clothes. The majority of  the clothes used were donated to us by the 3rd Year Fashion Students. The rest we bought from either charity shops or cheaper shops like Primark. Some of the accessories were also donated to us by the girls on our course. 

We were really lucky with the clothes as they fitted our theme perfectly, as if it was meant to be! 


Our main inspiration for the Doll look came from the catwalk, more specially from Meadham Kirchoff SS11 and SS12 which I've linked in below:

SS11 (we loved the hair and make up from this collection in particular. The clothes from this catwalk really help give us a starting point for the original vision of FREAK LIKE ME):

SS12 (the dancers at the beginning of this show gave us the ideas for 'rag dolls') 

Pastel colours were all over the place like a rash at the start of the year and tied in perfectly with the idea of a 'delicate doll look' which we could then 'freak up.'

Here are some of my favourite looks from the for the Doll look:

 At the end of the catwalk the models for Doll did a pose.

We made sure we jazzed outfits up by using accessories. A lot of them were made by members of the styling team. Our most original accessories were the Barbie necklaces. Made from Barbie Body Parts and ribbon, giving the doll look a scary feel, instead of being too cute...which is what we were trying to stay away from. 

Models also walked down the catwalk with pastel balloons, a ripped up teddy bear and a crochet umbrella!

The next look to go down the catwalk was Alien. The concept of the Alien look came from Alexander McQueen's SS10 show: Plato's Atlantis. Models for that catwalk show wore the infamous Armadillo shoe and their hair was sculpted into massive beehives on top of their heads. The show started with gigantic robotic arms, adding to the sense of 'the future.' The video is below:

The beginning of the show is quite slow moving but stick with it because it is #AMAZEBALLS. Check out those heels! 

Below are some of the best Alien outfits: 

Alien was the biggest section and models had to change really quick to keep up with the music, so the boys ended up having to wear some of the girl outfits...oopsy! Hello leggings bye bye dignity lads.

This is actually a skirt but we used it as dress as it gave more of an 'Alien' look.

 This was my favourite look for the Aliens. I love the shirt and the high wasted khaki trousers are very flattering on any shape.

We found the silver Alien in a charity shop.  

We had loads of jumpsuits in the show but this is my favourite. It would look amazing as a top....reminds me of Jessie J's style. 


The Fetish models used accessories such as whips and chains, studded gloves and barbie necklaces. I have photos of the accessories in more detail on my phone but it currently doesn't have the internet so will make ANOTHER post about accessories.

The idea for the Fetish look came from's SS12 trend predictions. 

You can listen to some of the music we used in the show here:

Whats your favourite look? Let me know what you think! 

(sorry about the rubbish quality of some of the photos, I had to edit the advertising out of them!) 

Love Lexie x x x 

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