Monday, 21 January 2013

Snowy Sale Shopping

Like most other bloggers I thought I would take advantage of the snow and do a snowy outfit post. Although I do love snow I think its safe to say I'm over it now! Its not great for when you need to be getting things done! YA HEARD MEH! 

In spite of the threat of being snowed in my housemate Jess and I decided to brave the cold and do a bit of sale shopping in Birmingham. We went out on saturday night and obviously could not be seen in something we had already worn! DREAD THE THOUGHT! ha ha. 

- Dress - Evil Twin - 
- Leather Top - H&M - 
- Leather Jacket - Primark - 
- Fur stole - Vintage - 
- Creepers - Topshop - 
- Neon Bag - Henry Holland - 
- Rings - Topshop and Miss Selfridge 
- Earrings - Topshop - 

There is something about the snow that makes your skin look so nice! 

The EVIL TWIN dress belongs to one of my housemates, its just something a bit different then other things out there at the minute and is so comfortable. A really easy piece to take from day to night! 

So here is what I wore to a friends birthday house party...

All these items were bought in Birmingham, I don't think I'm really very good at shopping because Jess got loads and I only got these three things...wahhhh.

- Maroon Vintage look bra let - Urban Outfitters - 
- Body Chain - Primark - (WINNING)
- Rings - H&M - 

I've been after some chunky plain rings like this FOREVAH so I saw them and grabbed them. The bralet is a lusted after item as duh its lingerie! Felt a bit summery going out in this and with the snow it probably wasn't the best idea ever, in addition to this we ended up being VERY overdressed for the house party...oh well at least we looked hot and dangerous. Ha ha 

I've been naughty and have not blogged about my Undercover Glamour Eyelashes that I received way before christmas! That'll be my next post so watch this space!

Love Lexie x x x 

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  1. You are looking beautiful,
    Nice style and very convenient to wear, these will look great with any backless top.