Sunday, 24 February 2013

My Wish List

I'm currently in the process of editing an outfit post so bear/bare (which oneee!? ha ha) with me.

In the meantime I'm trying to blog more because I've been a bit slack recently. So I thought I would compile a wish list of bits and bobs that I've had my eye on recently. This is the first time I've done a proper one of these because I've started teaching myself how to use photoshop. Very proud ha ha

1) When I first saw these dungarees in River Island I wasn't very impressed and thought they were not really my sort of thing but I saw some pictures of a blogger wearing them at LFW and thought it looked so much better on. I need them! I think for £40.00 its pretty reasonable for such a statement piece which can easily be dressed up or dressed down. 

2) This t-shirt is from studded petals which is a website supplying fun prints on t-shirts. Unfortunately it has literally just been taken off the website so I'm in the search of another so if anyone has seen something similar lemme know!!! :) 

3) These PERCY boots are sooooo hot and dangerous! I saw them the other day on the topshop website but they are a casual £110 so on my wish list they shall remain for the foreseeable future. wah wah wah. 

4) Crown and Glory do the best head pieces. I've wanted a floral crown like this since forever. Would look amazing at Glastonbury or any festival for that matter. This one was my faveee from the website but at £20 I could probably make it myself. (OMG I'm such a student!!!)

5) See through clutch bag. Found this one on ebay and ordered a see through plain version, but the pictures for the one I got were a bit crappy. For £12.99 its definitely a DIY jobby but I loved it so much and I have no patience so had to order it straight away.

6) Fuck Off Necklace. I've been searching for this for ages but still haven't managed to find it online. Appaz you can get stuff engraved for cheap in jewellery shops but I'm too lazy for this ha ha ha.

I'm pretty poor at the moment as per usual! However I have everything crossed that I gets bursary very soon from my uni!

What does everyone think? What are on your wish lists?

 Love Lexie x x x 

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