Tuesday, 12 March 2013

March Wishlist

Well well well....My main wish for March is for my dissertation to be done and dusted and preferably write itself and then for a lot of money to come my way and THEN for someone to take me on holiday where I can get lovely and bronzed and spend the entire time drinking cocktails.

Third year is finally in the full blown process of breaking me! :( 

Thats enough moaning anyway...no negativity, I am planning on having a very busy and productive week... watch this space I guess. 

1 + 2. On a recent perv on the Topshop website I saw these amazing neon jumpers. I really like the Neon trend and seeing as it seems to be getting colder rather than warmer I think these crop jumpers are perfect for layering up! TOPSHOP - £30

3. Something I'd layer with the crop jumpers, I'm not really a huge shirt person but this one if so cute and versatile. It would look great with jumpers or on its own with a statement necklace tucked into a skater skirt or on its own with disco pants. TOPSHOP - £35

4. These shoes are to die for, in my opinion, I know my housemates think otherwise- they referred to them as KITTEN HEELS! excuseeee me! They have obviously never seen a proper kitten heel! Come on now! I saw them on another blog recently and they looked incredible on! WIN WIN. EBAY - £15.99 (come in different colours too)

5. After lusting over the Zara sheepskin black and white coat since it first arrived in store I have found a much cheaper alternative from trusty old ebay. EBAY - £26.00

6. This chunky chain would be perfect with almost any outfit I think and its so easy to wear, a definite staple in my IMAGINARY (sigh) wardrobe. BOOHOO - £8.00

7. Now anyone how knows me at all or regularly reads my blog knows I HATE jeggings/leggings WITH A BURNING PASSION. Don't get me wrong I think loads of girls look amazing in them but I think they look vile on myself hence the hate for them! However, have you seen these ACNE back zip jegging jeans? I can't  get over them, they are even my background photo on my phone and I have posted so many photos of them on instagram ( LEXIEVEEE - follow here :) ) Acne is obviously very expensive but I found a pair on House of Fraser for £80, winnnnnninnnnng!!!

So thats my March wish list ... what do you guys think? Have you had your eye on any amazing pieces recently?

Better get back to the dissertation!

Love Lexie x x x 


  1. Adore the neon jumpers! x

    1. I think there are cheaper versions in Primark which is a bonus! :) x

  2. Loving your march wishlist :) Don't know how your housemates are calling those shoes kitten heels lol and love that coat.
    Only just came across your blog, will definitely be checking it out again.
    :) xx

  3. I have the same thing at the top of my wishlist.. although I haven't even started writing mine yet!


  4. The coat looks so nice <3

  5. Great post.

    Follow my blog and I shall follow back! Can’t wait to see your next posts!
    Keep it up

    Caitlin xox

  6. Like yours wishlist. and 4 is the best part :)


  7. I am following you now as well