Thursday, 18 April 2013

You could be my ice age sugar

You will all be impressed with myself and Jess for venturing beyond our normal outfit post area. The 'nice' (ish) weather encouraged us to cross the road and check out the park across from our flat. 

To be honest it wasn't that great but it was good to mix things up a bit. We've been craving freedom from our kitty flat because out dissertation deadline was on Wednesday so we've been work work work work work and no play...not fun! We went out last night though and made up for it haha

Today was a bit of a write off due to the hungover state we were in. We spent all day in the library though so some bits got done. 

WAHHHH- can't wait for all the work to be romeo dunn!!! Doing a fashion shoot tomorrow which is helping out for Kitty Jess's fashion project...I have one next week for mine and cannot wait to show you all the photos! YAYYYY! - follow me on INSTAGRAM to see behind the scenes stuff! (LEXIEVEEE)

Hope you are all having a bit more fun than me!

Also does anyone have any suggestions about where I can get an amaze balls dress for grad ball?!?

Love Lexie x x x 


  1. love this you look gorge xxx

  2. That outfit looks amazing especially love the belt! Im also seeing peace in a week and abit ! Would you like to follow eachother?
    thanks lovely <3