Monday, 3 December 2012

Got my hair did...

This weekend I've been really lazy, mainly looking after one of my best boys:

My bestie Keith, after Keith Lemon, because they are both ginger! How much do we love him??? eeee! Best Christmas Present EVAHH

In other news today I've been wearing my brand new clip in hair extensions, courtesy of Undercover Glamour 

I'm really bad at putting my own extensions in so I got my bestie housemates Shauna to do it for me. It made such a difference to my hair in both length and volume. Usually hair extensions are SO expensive but these are unbelievable at only £59.99!!! Its real hair too so its amazingly soft and glossy, defs perfect for christmas parties and new year too.

They're great for giving extra volume! I wish my hair looked this amazing all the time!

I'm wearing:

- Coat - River Island -
- Maroon Top - Topshop -
- Shorts - Topshop -
- Belt - Primark -
- Necklace - H&M -

The coat is my fave item of clothing at the moment, its so cuddly and warm and I love the leather sleeves. I really wanted the khaki jacket with leather sleeves but the world and its mother seem to have that so this is a bit different!

The polo-neck ish top was £10 at Topshop but I discovered a load more on ebay for like £4 which is a bit annoying so I got them in all the colours of the rainbow ha ha ha. Also a DISCOPANT fabric one which can be found on ebay too. Can't wait for it to arrive so that I can show you all!

I've been so bad buying myself all these lovely thangs and forgetting I still need to find some money for xmas pressies!

Love Lexie x x x clip in hair extensions


  1. I absolutely adore your coat, so jealous!

    Lana, xo

  2. ah thanks! Your blog is so cute, I love the bath treats u have, anything cupcake and I'm sold! x

  3. You look gorgeous, i love the coat! x

  4. Your hair looks so glamourous. I've reviewed the same extensions from Undercover Glamour too. Check out my blog. Follow me xx

  5. Gorgeous outfit, your hair looks amaaaazing xx

  6. Thanks! I'm so happy with the extensions! xx

  7. that outfit is awesome! also that rabbit is so cute! :D xx

    1. thanks love! yes little keith...i love him! xxx