Saturday, 1 December 2012

Holidays are coming...

So today I'm avoiding work and jumping on the bandwagon and doing a christmas wish list. Christmas is that time of the year when you have saved up money and want to buy the world and his dog for yourself but you know deep down you need to buy presents.... wahhh

1. Firstly, seeing as its nearly christmas I really hope santa brings me some sparkly tights. I don't think they would be the most flattering things on but they are so fun and festive! I found mine at

I reckon in a week they will be knocking about everywhere on the high street!

2. Not sure if I'mm 100% on board with the 'midi' trend but this is such a bargain:

Jersey Midi Dress

3. As if I ever need to add to my lingerie collection, one more wouldn't hurt I guess:

Vintage Style Bralet

4. I'm in LOVE with these Sixty Seven Boots

5. Lastly, how cute are these? I recently got my seconds pierced on my ears so I'm on the hunt for studs!

What are you hoping will materialise under the the christmas tree this year?

Look what just arrived in the post for me! eeee! I love getting post!

Love Lexie x x x  


  1. I've been making my Christmas list this weekend :)
    That bralet is so nice, I love getting lingerie for christmas, nothing prettier that sparkly xmas underwear.

    Thank you for my blog comment, I'm following you.

  2. You're welcome! I have a serious lingerie addiction...wahhh xx

  3. where is that bra from that came in the post??! i LOVE it x

  4. Hey, its Damaris ( but its old season! Might have it on ebay! I got it from the Sample Sale! :) xx