Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Interviews and Interning Part Deux

There are so many different interviewing techniques and sometimes it can be tricky to know which approach to take when doing research for it. Will it be an informal chat or a formal interview? What questions will they ask? What can I say to show why I’m the perfect person for this job? 

I’m not a fan of interviews, my friends can account for the fact I get shocked and nervous when put in this sort of situation and I find it hard to be myself. Even when I was pitching for a job role in our Fashion Marketing University Fashion Show, it was only pitching to my tutors but still I felt so on edge. 

The worst feeling is coming out of an interview and feeling so spaced out because you’re not sure how it went. Most of the interviews I’ve had so far have been quite formal. A few months ago I had a VERY formal one with rigid questions and I was so nervous that I ended up talking loads and loads of rubbish and didn’t know when to stop. EEK. Needless to say I did not secure that placement- however the interview experience was good to have- if not stressful at the time.

Before I have the interview I ALWAYS Google maps the location so I know what it looks like/how to get there and where it actually is! I’m literally the worst person for geography or directions (one I directed my friend to the WRONG HOUSE- how is that even possible- I’ve lived there 21 years?!?!?) so without Google maps I literally would not be loving life. I also make lots of notes on the company which I can read on the train before and have a few questions that they could ask me and answers to them written down. I read somewhere you should always take a spare copy of your CV with you, and any references you have had too. 

Obviuosly in the fashion industry, what you wear, how you present yourself and your overall image is really key. I have a ‘back up’ interview outfit which is what I usually wear to interviews if I can’t find anything else. This is really useful if its short notice. I should probably change this back up outfit because soon people will start saying ‘OMG there is that trampy intern in the chiffon mustard dress- does she not have any other clothes?!” This would NOT be the one. The most important thing for me is feeling comfortable. I’m not massively adventurous in my clothing and so wouldn’t wear something really alternative to a interview because it wouldn’t look right and I wouldn’t feel right.

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