Monday, 11 June 2012

This Weeks Style Crush

I have decided to ‘spice’ my blawg up with a weekly ‘feature.’ Every week I’m going to write a focus blawg post on someone who I see as a style inspiration or someone who’s look I think it hawt and dangerous. If you are a regular reader you will already understand my love for Lana Dey Rey who I wrote about a couple of months ago.

So here is the first one: MILLE MACKINTOSH from Made In Chelsea.

Okay. So where do I even start?! I think Millie is totally hot and dangerous, she always had amazing hair and the best tan ever. In addition to this she is going out with PROFESSOR GREEN, who I have a major crush on! Whats not to love!?

Millie is all about a pair of skinny jeans and a staple blazer- two wardrobe must haves. Millie’s look is quite simple with a few staple pieces from a capsule wardrobe. I’ve always wanted to be able to work out a capsule wardrobe but knowing my uncontrollable shopping habits I think it would be impossible.

This blazer is amazing and would go with about 407402370247502 outfit combinations for example high waisted jeans or a summer dress.

Denim jackets work with basically everything, in summer they look especially cute with summer chiffon dresses or maxi dresses. I'm in search for the perfect denim jacket as I lost mine recently! If you see any beauts on your shopping travels please let me know! :)

This is my fave outfit out of the ones on this post. I love the shoes and the top especially. I don't think leather trousers would suit me so I'd wear this with high waisted skinny denim jeans. 

Also I don’t think I’ve ever seen a picture of her in a pair of flats… which I really can appreciate as being a fellow tall girl heels or no heels is often a major question on a night out.  #tallgirlproblems. Its no fun being taller than boys but on the other hand it can work in your favour towering over people in an intimidating way. Ha ha ha!

Who is your style crush at the moment?  What do you think about Millie’s style? What would you do differently to the outfits shown? 

In other news this weekend I went to a 21st. The sun came out to join us which made choosing an outfit so much easier! I wore my old faithful floral body with a new cream chiffon skirt that I bought for my internship which starts soon and added some rings, bangles and my new spiky necklace!

Its a shame my feet are so white. hahaha

Love Lexie x x x 

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