Friday, 1 June 2012

University Of Northampton Graduate Fashion Show

 This is very scary but I've officially finished second year .... AHHHH! I'm hoping for a long and VERY slow summer so that I don't have to return to Uni and be a serious third year and then graduate into THE REAL WORLD. dun dun dunnnnn.

Before I came back to Oxford, I did some work experience for the Graduate Fashion Show along with some of my friends. The day was pretty chilled and involved us making sure people knew where they were doing (Silverstone is SO confusing!!) and looking pretty (which we did not look in the beautifully flattering t-shirts in the photo below!) and smiling. Ha ha ha. 

It was also a great chance to see the standard of work set by the current third years for our final year projects! 

 Rockin our 'UNIVERSITY OF NORTHAMPTON' t-shirts....of course ... loud and proud....umm

 Henmans/Schwarzkopf/Grad Students collaboration.

The red coats teamed with black tights/polo necks and shoes was very effective in making sure that the coats were the main focal point! 
This collection was a printed one and gave such a nice summery feel!
My fave collection, fur coats to die for! 
Printed shirts collection

The Promo Video

It was the duty of a fashion marketing student to put together the promo video for the fashion show. The theme was 'British Heritage' with the background idea of 'Making Britain Great' running throughout. This all links in with this year being the Jubilee Year and the Olympics being held here in the UK later this year. 

I was asked to take part in this with some friends. Unfortunately I can't find a link on youtube for it but here are some of the still shots:


It was such a good day, I love having my hair and make up done for me! But it wasn't so fun having to stand in the cold wearing not a lot except a very thin dress and heeled DMS which were not the one. 

The promo video showcased some of the collections from the Fashion Student graduates which were then shown on the day.

Which was your fave collection? I think mine was the pink, grey and fur one!

Love Lexie x x x 

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