Monday, 13 February 2012

The Grammy's - Hawt and Dangerous or Not?

Needless to say the Grammy's is one of the biggest nights in the Music industry's calendar so why didn't some of the biggest recording artists in the world get the memo? Im looking at you NICKI MINAJ. 

This year I was disappointed to see so many of the biggest names in music not looking HAWT AND DANGEROUS as they usually do! 

1) Nicki Minaj wearing Versace

DONT DO THAT!!!! Nicki, what were you thinking? Versace, what were you thinking? Its pretty clear that NO ONE was thinking about anything except how ugly can we make someone look and how much do we want to shoot ourselves in the foot as a fashion house? I usually think Nicki Minaj gets it right in the style stakes however this is a SERIOUS case of 'sack the stylist.' 

2) Kelly Rowland wearing Alberta Ferretti 

I thought Kelly Rowland looked #AMAZEBALLS in her Alberta Ferretti gown. (Not too keen on the hair though!!) It fitted perfectly and Kelly looks sexy while still looking modest and classy. (Unlike Rihanna - see below) Its a far cry from some of the X-FACTOR related disaster outfits that she wore.

3) Rihanna wearing Armani 

Now I know Im not Rihanna's biggest fan (she is NO Beyonce, lets face it!) I do think she looks pretty good in this Armani LBD despite shocking the crowds with the lack of fabric involved in the dress (lol jk, she never wears clothes anyway). It could look very tacky and slutty but Rihanna pulls it off well. However, I do have one issue with the look, the hair. What is with the roots? She looked hotter as a redhead but I guess Blondes do have more fun... 

4) Katy Perry wearing Elie Saab 

I love this creation by Elie Saab. I don't know if I like Katy in it though, it makes her look a lot bigger than she actually is. Plus the blue hair (which is stunning) and the blue dress is overkill. Nevertheless its deffo a show stopper!!! 

5) Fergie wearing Jean Paul-Gaultier 

Fergie, Fergie, Fergie - sack your stylist and don't wear granny knickers to the Grammy's!!! Block colours are in, I know, but this is NOT OKAY. Its NEON! Blerughhhh! 

Now for my two faves: 

Kelly Osbourne wearing Giuseppe Zanotti. 

I love sequins on clothing and Kelly looks totally stunning in this beautiful figure hugging dress, its understated yet still attention grabbing. I also LOVE her lilac-grey hair, it goes so well with her skin tone.


Kate Beckinsale wearing Zuhair Murad

I think Kate looks sensational. Even thought this outfit is very classic, simple and traditional I think she looks a million dollars! 

I don't think anyone got it as wrong as 'Sasha Gradiva' who apparently thought it was an audition for Terminator!! When asked what he was thinking the stylist said: 'Make couture, not war. Thats the message of her outfit.' WOW. Words escape me... 

What was your favourite look? 

Love Lexie x x x 

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