Thursday, 16 February 2012

Danny Zuko, you are the one that I want

Another Thursday morning approaches, and again I snooze my alarm all the way from 8.30 till 9.45, leaving TEN MINUTES to get ready for uni! Ergh, I don't know why its so hard to get out of bed on Thursdays, probs the knowledge of a FULL DAY OF LECTURES FROM 10-6.....vommmmcannno.

I step out looking like I should be in Grease, completely unintentional:

The skirt is Vintage from Beyond Retro and I bought it sooooo long ago and haven't worn it so its about time it saw the light of day!! Just so happens that Pencils skirts on a full day at Uni don't work so well, leg movement = very restricted!! 

Have felt like a PINK LADY for the whole day! Just call me Rizzo! 

Is it a bit awkward that I base my fashion style on the cast of Grease?!?!!!! WOW. 

Hope you all had fantabulous days!

Love Lexie x x x 


  1. hahahha don't worry, Sandy has my Disco Pants!!

  2. Love the outfit!!

    Annest X