Sunday, 12 February 2012

Snowy weather, snowy mind

Apologies for the lack of blogging recently...Ive been ill and the snow has caused writers block. I wish it would just go away! Its not fun anymore! Im sure loads of you will agree!
Here is a snowy outfit:
Not very practical for the snow, but since when was fashion meant to be practical!?! My spotty tights are my new favourite thing, these are the big spots version from Primarni, £2.50.
The Freak Like Me fashion show which Im working on with my course at university is taking shape with lots of exciting ideas being put around. In the past week we have been working on the outfits, putting things together (all clothing had been donated for use by Fashion Design students), working out what we need to buy and putting together a rough money guide for how much everything will cost us as the Styling team.
We have broken down the theme 'Freak Like Me,' into three freaky sub sections: Alien, Freaky rag/china doll and Fetish wear.




Above are some of the the outfits we are using. They are still looking pretty tame but by the time it comes to the actual event they will look anything but...WATCH THIS SPACE. 

In other news: 

DAVID BECKHAM!! Totally unrelated, but hot nevertheless. (Who doesn't appreciate a cheeky sleeve tattoo!?!!!??) Thank you to David for designing (and modelling) his underwear collection for high street giants H&M, you have made the world a better place cos your bod is all over the high street!! What do we think ladies? 
Lots of Love 
Lexie x x x 

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