Tuesday, 6 August 2013

** Tribal print trousers but no tribe **


Despite my love for block colours (mentioned in my post yesterday) I have also developed a love for a crazy print, whether that be love heart jeans (coming soon) or polka dot dungarees (also coming soon!). 

These trousers from Topshop are my ultimate printed clothing item. They are so BEAUT and I love the shape of them, they're perfect for summer. My boyfriend told me I look like Desmond Tutu which isn't the look I'm actually going for surprisingly! ha ha

I'm not a massive hat gal, especially this O.T.T floppy number but I bought it a while ago and thought it was a nice addition to this outfit which I wore to dinner with my gal pals on Sunday evening which is actually something I should stop doing so much. Now that I'm home until I get a "proper" job all my money is going on clothes (bad)/going out (hangovers = ERROR) /dinners out (not good for the old physique and means I have to live at the gym!). I'm literally the worlds worst person with money. Error.

I really hope the weather stays nice for a bit longer so I can maximise my new-ish summer wardrobe and get some more bloggy posts.  

What's your biggest spends? Do you prefer bold prints on your clothes or more simple and classic clothing?

Love Lexie x x x 

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